Join in and help protect the Baltic Sea

Although Innotek Energo has been involved in investment activities related to saving water, environmental protection has been at the heart of our operations for the past 20 years. Accordingly, we have signed a partnership agreement with the Baltic Sea Action Group.

The Baltic Sea Action Group is committed to changing the system and has influence throughout the Baltic Sea region. Mathias Bergman, Secretary General of the Baltic Sea Action Group, was very enthusiastic about forming a partnership with Innotek Energo, so it did not take long to draft a partnership agreement.

According to the agreement we have committed to donate to BSAG 0.50 euros for each apartment that whose water system we have modernised and awarded Smart Water House certification. In addition, we challenge our other partners to donate the same amount. This commitment is permanent and has no set deadline. Each year we modernise up to 20,000 apartments, and we continue to seek growth. Based on this, it is easy to calculate how a small donation per apartment can up to a significant amount, especially over the next five or fifteen years!

At the same time, we are still committed of course to reducing wastewater and CO2 emissions.